International global roaming sim with +44 and +32 Mobile number with free roaming in 47 EU Countries

Unlimited Calls Sms and up to 45 Gb in Europe starting from €19.00 per month

Why Choose Us?

Roamingsim offer a revolutionary new service which gives you the capacity to add a virtual number to Roaming sim card. This opens a world of opportunities as now you can receive free unlimited calls but in addition, your friends, family and colleagues can call you anywhere.

We offer free Incoming call in over 47 countries in Europe, Free Unlimited Outgoing calls, Free Unlimited Sms to EU numbers and Free 45 Gb Internet.

Free incoming/Outgoing calls SMS and up to 45 Gbyte in:

Europe Zone:

Austria Azores Belgium Bulgaria Canary Islands Channel Islands Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark (inc. Faroe Islands) Estonia Finland France (inc. Corsica) French Guiana Germany Gibraltar Greece Guadeloupe Guernsey Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle of Man Italy Jersey Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Madeira Malta Martinique Mayotte Monaco Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Reunion Romania Saint Martin San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Spain (inc. Balearic Islands) Sweden Switzerland

No expiration date of sim or airtime

No callback, direct dial !

Roamingsim card comes with a +44 and +32 phone number as standard. With our Virtual Number service you can change your standard number, and add from other countries.

Virtual Number Countries List:

Argentina   Australia   Austria

Bahrain   Belgium   Brazil   Canada

Chile   Cyprus   Czech Republic

Dominican Republic   El Salvador   Estonia

Finland   Greece   Italy  Japan

Latvia   Lithuania   Malta

Mexico   New Zealand   Panama

Peru   Poland   Portugal

Puerto Rico   Romania   Slovakia

Slovenia   Spain   Sweden

Switzerland   United Kingdom   United States

Virtual Number (VN) Service Agreement Subject to change at any time in the sole discretion of service provider

The VN Service is a residential service based on a monthly subscription. By purchasing the VN service the customer agrees on the monthly automatic charge; to cancel the subscription the customer must delete the VN from his account; the customer will be charged every 30 days for the VN regardless of usage. The first charge is made when the VN is setup in the customer's account and he/she will be charged every 30 days (€10.00/Month) from this date on until he cancels the service. The VN usage is limited to 2000 minutes/month or to the average customary use by other customer as determined by Roamingsim in a given period of time also determined by Roamingsim. The user can set up to a maximum of 2 numbers for VN forwarding in the account that can not be edited after the set up. Roamingsim recommends the VN user to check how much his/her local telecommunication provider will charge him/her for calling the VN. Once your Virtual Number is canceled, the service will be discontinued immediately. The associated phone number cannot be retrieved.A new Virtual Number will require a new purchase, that will generate a different phone number. A Virtual Number canceled by mistake will not be refunded.

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About Us

Founded in 1998 as a member of Roamingsim Holding, Roamingsim is a GSMA certified Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker, working closely with worldwide mobile operators to facilitate the international flow of data, voice and SMS across global markets. With its innovative solutions, professional customer service and a long-lasting thirst for improvement, Roamingsim has grown into a key regional player in the telecommunications business, gathering under its portfolio some of the biggest mobile operators and service providers around the world.


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